MAKOTO AMBO – Profile –

He was born at Saroma, Tōkoro, Hokkaido in 1962. Then, his family moved and lived in Chitose City, where he finished his studies from elementary to senior high school.

In 1981, he enrolled Graphic Design at Hokkaido Zokei Design Training School.
In 1983, he graduated at Hokkaido Zokei Design Training School. Later on, he worked as a welfare facility staff under CM Production Company.
In 1992, he became a freelancer and a specialist designer of PORO.B.C.S. Sapporo Sales Office, where he was in-charged as a logo designer, a cutsew designer of T-shirts and polo shirts, and a print designer.
In 1993, he discovered his original technique in ink painting, the “Nijimi ga”, and he began his career as a Japanese ink painter.
In 1994, “Nijimi ga” was featured in NHK as a new form of Japanese ink painting.
In 1996, he started intensely as a contemporary Sumi-e artist. Now, his paintings have earned great evaluations in the world of art not just in Japan, but also overseas. They are expanding their activities by holding solo exhibitions in Japan and overseas, and receiving invitations from international art festival abroad.


1995 Hokkaido SHO Creators’ Association (10th SHO Exhibition) – Consolation Prize
1996 Tokyo International Association of Artists (19th National Art Exhibition) – Excellent Award
2002 Saoban Art (1st Tarot Design Award) – Champion
2007 National Textile Art Federation (11th National Kimono Design Competition) – Japan Silk Industry Association Award
2007 Sakujitsukai Artists Association (76th Exhibition) – Exhibitor
2010 European Art Club (11th Japan-France Contemporary Art Exhibition) – Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition Award
2013 Setsuryosha Museum of Art (15th Setsuryosha Florence Exhibition) – Exhibitor
2015 Ginza Gallery (“On the Origin of Art”) – Exhibitor
2017 NEKOISM Excellence Awardee


In 1993, I discovered my own unique Japanese ink painting technique called “Nijimi ga”. I am the only painter who uses such technique in the whole world.

It was in 1993 when my life was changed by a drop of coffee. Due to the incident, it led me to the idea of “Nijimi ga”.

10 years after graduating from the design school, it was a time where I still could not decide which kind of art I would do and the kind of artist I would become.

While I was thinking if there is something I could make with the things I am good at which are calligraphy and ink painting, I accidentally spilled my cup of coffee causing a stain. It was nothing unusual because it was just a plain stain from a drop of coffee. But I wondered, because for me, it was not just a stain, but it was so beautiful to look at. At that moment, I felt that “This is it!”, and I decided to become a modern Japanese ink painter.

That was the beginning of Makoto Ambo, a modern Japanese ink painter.